bila dok blogwalking ntah ke mana2 ni..asyik2 jumpa entry..bertajuk "tension"..
pakar cakap..jangan asyik sangat dok dengar perihal orang tu tension..orang ni tension..kang berjangkit..
sapa yang susah?..mama dan keluarga jugakkk :)
mama pun nak ada entry bertajuk "tension" gak..baekkk punya ni...Bill Gates kasi..heheh
...one moment listen..pleaseeee :)

...the moment you are in tension,
you will lose your attention..then you are in total confusion...
and you will feel irritation,
..then you will spoil personal relation.
ultimately, you won't get co-operation..then you will make things complication..
then your blood pressure may raise caution..
and you may have to take medication...
Instead, understand the situation..and try to think about the solution..
many problems will be solved by disscussion..this will work out better in your profession..
don't think it's my free suggestion..
it's only for your prevention..if you understand my intention?
you will never come again to "tension"

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sudi-sudikan... :)

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